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Music according to Murphy


Dad, what the hell??? I'm gonna need a prozac after listening to this s..t!!!

More music according to Murphy

Hey dad this song rocks!!!!!

I love listening to you dad!!!

Azagthoth Arises

Dark Lord Rise

Book Of Shadows


Extraction Zone

Deimos Infernos

Psycho At Your Door

The Time Traveler

Rhythm Of The Horned One

Machine Gunner


Bulletproof (Official Video)

Mr Morningstar

Malevolent Manifestation



Curse Of The Dybbuk

Surge Legionum

Diabolical Devastation

What I'm Feeling Is Love

Jim The Trucker (Explicit)

The Real Fool 2024 Reproduction

An Angel Like Her

Tonights Nightmare (Remix)



You Never Even Said Goodbye

Sometimes I Forget

I'll See You In Hell (Remix)

The Angels Cry Again

Lucifer (Remix)

Tanz Der Delfine

Bullet From A Gun

You Can Take The Cowboy Out Of Texas

You And Me

Santa Fe

The Road Not Traveled (Original Version)

This Fools In Love With You

Village Of The Lost

When It's Really Goodbye

Way Down In Mexico

Winds Of Liberty

My Last Song

Over You

The River Wild

Break These Chains


On A Prayer And A Song

The White Cloak Of Death

Read Between Her Lies

In Our Dreams

Last November


The Dark Hidden Grove

Tonight's Nightmare

What's A Man Supposed To Do?

It's Me

Some Kinda Magic

Funny How Love Happens That Way

The Amber Sun

One Last Shot

Is The Happiness Only Dream?

Honey, I Love You

End Of The Line

Hurricane Of Fire

Wonderful As You

Prince Of Darkness (Techno Remix)

Country Rock

Speed Demon Redux

I Still Remember Everything

Two Souls

Life Isn't Fair

The Devil Effect (2023 Remake)

My Rodeo Will Stay

Kickin Ass

Out In The Cold (Techno Version)

Let Me In

Out In The Cold

Small Town Rumors

Makin Love

The Pain

If Jesus Was Here Today

Sunset Heart

Heaven Tonight


Another Try

Guitar Strings

And So The Story Goes

In Her Dreams

Window Of Pain

L'été à Paris

Condition Of The Heart

Prince Of Darkness

I'll See You In Hell

Mr. Moon

Highway Of Fools

Ghost Town

Everything An Angel Should Be

Stars Of Babylon

Fly Away With Me

Dansez La Nuit Loin

Montana Rain

You Can't Help Who You Love

Tonight's Nightmare

Der Tanz des Teufels

The Cost Of Everything

Mein Buch Der Schatten

Comin In Fast

The Pendulum

The One

The Road Not Traveled

Who Gives A Good Damn Anyway?

Time After Time

Fallen Angel

The Perfect Night


It's Me

Snow Angel

Under A Moonlit Sky


Molecular Transition

Have We Met Before?

Country Time

The Union Tree

Speed Demon

Tonight I Die (Remake)

That Other Man (Remake)

A Little Too Much Light From The Moon

The Real Fool (Remake)

I'll See You In Hell (Remake)

What I'm Feeling Is Love

Music Magic

The Devil Effect

I'll See You In Hell

The Real Fool

Tonight I Die

The Pendulum (GRAPHIC)